Meeting customer expectations

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  1. Cynical consumers often seem to perceive travel insurers as cumbersome entities that are slow to handle claims, difficult to communicate with and reluctant to settle. A common complaint is that exclusions are often buried in small print or couched in language that is hard for the customer to understand. For insurers, finding ways to meet customer expectations and ensuring that those expectations are realistic has become a key issue. Digital technology enables consumers to shop around for their policies, meaning that companies that fail to meet their demands will lose out. Digital technology in the insurtech age is an ever more useful tool, offering swift online handling of claims and settlements and, for insurers who embrace it, a closer and mutually beneficial means of communicating with their insureds. Over the last few years, there have been some incredible initiatives among travel insurers and their supporting third-party administrators to improve the customer experience and embrace the growth of app, mobile, and online journeys in the education, sales and servicing of policyholders and claimants alike, said Carl Carter, Managing Director of Voyager Insurance.
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