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  1. Stitch Fix, established in 2011 in San Francisco, has disrupted the fashion retail industry. With input from the customer and collaboration between artificial intelligence (AI) and human stylists, the online styling subscription service eliminates the need for their customers to go out and shop for clothing or even browse online, because they deliver personalized recommendations right to their door on a regular schedule. The customers can keep all of the products or return what they don’t like or need. That feedback gets input into the company’s data vaults to make the algorithms even better at determining the preferred style for each person and even identify trends.
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  2. It may come as a surprise to many of you how much effort is put into developing mobile apps nowadays. And why all the effort? If designed well, your app can give you the upper hand in the battle for market share. Note: the key words here are ‘if designed well’. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with all mobile apps on the market. Sure, they get the job done, but many of these apps still lack key features their users crave and a strong user experience. Fortunately, there is a remedy for these poorly designed mobile apps that will help put them back on top: in-app feedback.
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  3. A common misconception among digital marketers is thinking that online user feedback and online reviews are one and the same. And we can’t exactly blame them. On the surface these two appear to be almost identical: both collect input (Voice of the Customer data) from online visitors and customers, both include user ratings or scores, both are used to build a loyal customer base, and so on. But the truth is, they serve two very different purposes….
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  4. "Many successful businesses start out with funding -- from a bank, from investors or even from personal savings. My business was not like that. I was young, so I only had a few months of savings in my bank account and when I researched the loan process at my bank, it just seemed too daunting. To me, it made more sense to self-fund because I knew I would always have complete control of my company and wouldn't have to answer to anyone but my customers. However, that presented its own challenge. Like I mentioned, I didn't have a lot of money to spend. So I went the lean route. And the lessons I learned still guide our business today."
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  5. We are entering the era of relationships where the process of understanding what’s happening with customers, then delivering against those needs, is crucial to building brand connections that sustain businesses.

    That’s the view of InMoment global CEO, Andrew Joiner, who took to the stage at CMO’s latest Melbourne breakfast event, ‘Creating Intelligent Customer Connections’, to share insights around CX technology innovation as well as what it takes to build a more modern CX approach.

    Joiner highlighted Forrester research, which suggests nine out of 10 businesses are going to compete on the basis of customer experience in the next decade. In response, the analyst firm believes up to 50 per cent of spend from the CMO is going to be in CX technology in the next five years.
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  6. We recently read a crazy Linkedin post from Dave Grow, CEO of LucidChart. Dave took a common piece of advice for entrepreneurs “to do things that don’t scale,” and used it to better understand his customers. He has read more than 100,000 customer support tickets at LucidChart.

    As a CEO of a fast-growing startup, there’s a million other strategies and tactics that Dave could be doing, but he deliberately prioritized reading support tickets. He understands the value of building relationships and staying close to customers’ feedback.
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  7. Heaps of companies are shifting their focus to the online Voice of the Customer. In fact, many of these companies have been asking us how our solution differs from other feedback tools on the market. A sensible question actually, considering many tools look very similar to one another on the front-end. That’s why we’ve created an overview that hones in on the major differences between Mopinion and Usabilla.
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  8. Customer experience is crucial to a successful business. But how do you know if your customers are having a positive experience?

    Experience management software allows businesses to measure customer impressions through feedback, seeing how that feedback relates to the business metrics, and analyzing them as one.
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  9. Building customer-centered culture is the key to surviving the modern business environment. The customer’s voice must be built into every meeting, business review and decision. Maintaining a relationship with your customers and monitoring their current needs and concerns through social media as well as more traditional forms of communication is key.
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  10. More and more eCommerce providers rely on a personalised user experience for their customers.

    The best example of a wide and far reaching user experience is the fashion industry.

    There are now 52 seasons a year instead of four which can make it difficult for retailers to know what the next step is to take for their customers. With that in mind retailers invest heavily in customer feedback. Many platforms even offer its customers their own WhatsApp channel for individual shopping advice, and of course to gain more insights.
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