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  1. Are you responsible for measuring the progress in improving customer experience? If yes, I’m sure you needed to come up with a rationale on which metrics to choose for this: Is it an all ubiquitous Net Promoter Score (NPS), the traditional customer satisfaction CSAT, or a more recent invention Customer Effort Score (CES)?

    Is one enough or should you implement several metrics? Does it actually matter? Here, we discuss the two arguments: Pro and against.
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  2. The Customer Effort Score (CES) is a metric that quantifies customer loyalty. It measures how much effort a customer has to expend to obtain an answer or solution to a problem. The CES metric is used in two ways. The first asks how much personal effort the customer expended to resolve his or her issue. It’s often reported on a scale of one to five, where one refers to the least effort and five the most. Using this format, you want as low a number as possible.
    The second format of the CES metric asks customers to agree or disagree with a statement that solving the problem took little effort. In this format, customers who choose five “Strongly Agree” that it took little effort, while those who choose one “Strongly Disagree.” Here, your goal is to achieve the highest number possible.
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  3. Customer Effort Score (CES) is a customer satisfaction metric that is widely used in the feedback world. In essence, CES measures the ease of an online experience. This is done by asking the customer directly how much effort it took to achieve their goal on your website. It serves as a great way of discovering bottlenecks in the digital customer experience and helping you recognise your weaknesses. So how can you collect this feedback effectively?
    In this article we will evaluate CES (as a customer satisfaction metric) as well as outline several feedback form templates you can use for collecting CES. Note: CES measures effort both on- and offline, however, this article focuses purely on digital CES.
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