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  1. If your customers are dissatisfied, they are also unlikely to bring their concerns to you.

    According to statistics, 96% of such customers don’t complain to the company directly. However, they are likely to share their bad experience with up to 15 friends. Response rates are low, but companies need feedback to better understand the preferences and needs of their customers.
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  2. There's been a lot of talk lately about customers having the power and being in control. In a world where brands are trying to develop relationships with their customers, what does that really mean? Do customers want to be in relationships with brands? Do they want to be in control? Should brands be in control?

    First things first: a refresher. What is the customer experience? I define it as the sum of all the interactions that a customer has with an organization over the life of the relationship with that company. More importantly, it's the feelings, emotions and perceptions the customer has about those interactions.
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  3. As a customer, we’ve all experienced customer service calls that feel impossibly difficult. Maybe you couldn’t find a way to contact the company. Maybe they made you jump through hoops to get what you needed. High effort experiences are these interactions that make you work really hard to get answers. And they are one of the fastest ways a company can lose customers.

    The CEB broke down the important parts of designing a low effort experience into four pillars:
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