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  1. How do you ensure your e-commerce brand is able to stand out among its competitors and impress your customers? You focus on customer experience (CX) with great intensity. A full 76% of consumers see CX as a clear indicator of how much your company values them. Today, 89% of organizations are already competing on customer experience. No wonder as good CX also translates into profit. According to Forrester, improving CX can increase profitability at a rate of 5.1 times compared to those who do not.
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  2. The impact of employee experience on customer experience has been explored in great detail. In fact, “happy employees equal happy customers” has become a motto for some of the world’s biggest brands. But what about the inverse? Does making a customer happy make an employee happy?

    In research from 2012, professors from Hallym and California State University suggested it was a one-way relationship – that while higher employee engagement caused higher customer satisfaction, it wasn’t as strong the other way around.
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  3. Over the past few months I’ve chatted with people from a lot of companies who say their 2019 goal is to become more customer-centric.

    In each of those conversations, I emphasize that the most impactful change is creating an environment where all employees, regardless of title, see the customer as their North Star. To catalyze this transformation, customer experience (CX) champions should analyze feedback with empathy, operationalize insights throughout their organizations and foster constant communication about their most important stakeholder: the customer.
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  4. “We want to give our customers all the tools they need to reach their goals on our online platforms. Be it from tracking their orders to ordering their preferred sneakers, their expectations need to be met online. Therefore we’re focusing heavily on providing self-service and online assistance when and where our customers need it. The customer should have multiple options to find answers to what they’re looking for.”
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  5. The Customer Experience (CX) industry is at a crossroads. Despite much enthusiasm at executive levels, with massive investments in CX teams and initiatives over the past decade, only one in four companies are able to quantify CX benefits or gain a competitive edge.

    The research goal was to understand what differentiates Winning CX initiatives to help CX leaders improve their odds of success. A rigorous quantitative study of over 200 CX initiatives found the majority (58%) in a “developing” stage — seeing signs of progress but unable to clearly demonstrate business value to top management.
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  6. CUSTOMER experience or CX is essentially the interaction between any enterprise with its customers that could be in the form of product awareness, discovery, purchases, and delivery of services.

    Companies with impeccable CX strategies and implementation often reap the benefit in many ways, including increased customer satisfaction rates, reduced customer rate, and increased revenue.

    And accordingly more and more senior executives and business leaders are shifting their focus on their CX strategies and making it their companies top priority, on the firm belief that investment in enhancing CX will be beneficial in both short and long-term for an enterprise.
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  7. Customer feedback surveys are big business. But before you switch off, there is no reason why retailers of all sizes cannot benefit from them — on and off line, even little mom and pop stores. The problem for a small business owner is where to start? How can you be sure you are talking to the right people and delivering a good survey experience?

    The people who take part in feedback surveys believe that the companies they are responding to genuinely care about their customers; this is likely a contributing factor as to why they answer a survey in the first place. If constructed well, these surveys not only provide retailers with key data on how to improve the customer purchase experience, but also create the perception of a brand that truly cares about their customers.
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  8. Data is no longer a level playing field. Companies that leverage AI and machine learning software have a leg up over competitors who are still only using data to look backwards. Research shows that 77% of high-performing customer service teams rate their ability to leverage artificial intelligence as excellent or above average. Companies that get predictive analytics right can greatly improve their customer experiences.

    There are seven types of analytics we can pay attention to when it comes to customer experience. Each type helps gain better understanding of customers and improve the overall brand experience.
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  9. With a new year comes new opportunities to examine the experience being offered to customers and to find ways to continually improve it.

    Recently, customer experience (CX) professionals, thought leaders and members of the CX Accelerator community shared their New Year’s resolutions on the Experience This! Show podcast. These can be used as thought-starters for developing customer experience goals for 2019 in your business.
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  10. Are you executing a fly-by, or really getting into a close orbit with your customers?
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