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  1. Chatbots are becoming an increasingly popular way for companies to interact with potential and current customers. A recent survey showed that 80% of consumers reported a positive experience with chatbots, and another 40% said that they are interested in chatbot experiences with brands. These numbers show just how prevalent chatbots have become, and consumers’ willingness to interact with a bot which simulates human conversation.

    So how can chatbots be used to increase marketing efficiency? Here are a few ways marketers can untilize chatbots within their marketing strategies.
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  2. There's been a lot of talk lately about customers having the power and being in control. In a world where brands are trying to develop relationships with their customers, what does that really mean? Do customers want to be in relationships with brands? Do they want to be in control? Should brands be in control?

    First things first: a refresher. What is the customer experience? I define it as the sum of all the interactions that a customer has with an organization over the life of the relationship with that company. More importantly, it's the feelings, emotions and perceptions the customer has about those interactions.
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  3. "If you believe you do not have the budget to do both you are missing an opportunity to improve on your bottom line, CX data tells you what your customers’ perceptions are of the services you are marketing and providing, whereas Mystery Shopping data is a reality check of what is actually being delivered toward your brand promises.

    For the remainder of this blog I will be going into more detail on why you should conduct a mystery shopping program in tandem with your CX program."
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  4. Some companies think digital transformation is about efficiency—saving time and money, beating competitors to market, and wooing customers with fancy apps and tech bling. They’re wrong. As I’ve said for years now, digital transformation is about one thing: improving customer experience. And many companies are finally starting to realize that customer experience management needs to be on their radar if they want to thrive in 2019. Here’s what good customer experience management looks like.

    Knowing CX is everyone’s job. Think back to the last time you had a fulfilling customer experience. Can you even remember? Overall, CX is incredibly fragmented today—a jumbled mix of digital phone trees, somewhat articulate chatbots, disorganized web FAQs, and glitchy apps—that customers are starting to clamor for more and better. What if your company was the one who rose to the top—exceeded expectations—provided a seamless web to mobile experience? You’d instantly rise to the top of your industry.
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  5. The digital customer experience evolves rapidly. With every new smartphone release and operating system update comes room for improvement with how consumers experience your brand. Smart CX strategies focus on not simply implementing new ideas for a quality experience, but also improving upon how customers currently interact with the overall digital presence. Here are 4 tips for improving the digital customer experience in 2019.
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  6. Alpharooms is one of the UK’s leading websites for discount hotels and flights, offering deals to over 220,000 properties around the world. Online travel bookings has largely become a commoditised marketplace that relies heavily on paid acquisition. Therefore price becomes a major factor in winning business – but in a market this big, no one can win on price all the time. Consequently, businesses need to generate value outside price and deliver a superior customer experience if they want to win market share.
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  7. While it may just sound like a tech buzzword, digital transformation is so much more than that. The digital transformation is a complex and sometimes even daunting process that impacts multiple aspects of your business – all with the goal of creating efficient digital operations. And this process involves not only meeting the demands of changing technology, but also working in a way that adapts to these changes. Is your organisation struggling to keep up? Then keep reading…
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  8. Quick, how many services or memberships do you subscribe to? One? Two? Twenty? You know your wallet is stuffed with membership cards (roadside assistance, your local gym, and Costco) and your front porch welcomes monthly subscription boxes (Blue Apron, Trunk Club, and Honest Essentials), while your go-to entertainment is no longer cable TV but subscription-based media (Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.) The scene at work is the same: subscriptions abound for things like Salesforce, teleconferencing services, training programs, Harvard Business Review…
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  9. The world around us is becoming increasingly digital and we are more connected than ever before. This impacts all areas of our lives, including how we shop. Previously, consumers would pick a product based on a brand’s advertising. Today, they often favor online reviews and other user-generated content.
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  10. Being a customer-centric company means more than just offering good customer service.

    The best customer-centric companies not only put their customers first – they design products and services to meet the customers’ needs, and create seamless experiences across the board.

    Naturally, a lot of brands shout about being customer-focused, but which ones are practicing what they preach? Here are five examples of note.
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