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  1. Why are bad reviews so destructive? Despite the fact that they’re less trustworthy than most consumers think, consumers continue to base their purchase decisions on them. Pew Research Center found that 82 percent of American adults “sometimes” or “always” read online reviews before making new purchases, 65 percent of whom believe they’re generally accurate. Yet a Journal of Consumer Research study found almost no correlation between professional assessments (in this case, Consumer Reports ratings) and online reviews.

    Bad reviews are bad news for brands, large or small. But the good news is that companies can prevent them with one simple action they should be taking, anyway: listening to their customers.
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  2. One or two negative reviews don’t have the power to torpedo your business. While we all want positive reviews, the bad ones aren’t as bad as you think. Negative reviews can actually help search engine rankings. Let me explain why.
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  3. An app’s store rating has a tremendous impact on how well an app ranks in the app store and strongly influences what percentage of store listing impressions result in downloads. Many apps (and by extension businesses) live and die with their app store ratings. At the same time, app store ratings are simply a reflection of how well an app is received and how it interacts with its users. Many would-be negative reviews can be circumvented through in-app feedback mechanisms. In turn, many potential positive reviews are left unfulfilled because a user was not properly prompted. This article will explore how apps and app owners can combat negative reviews, successfully solicit positive reviews, and even convert 1-star ratings into 5-stars.
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  4. A common misconception among digital marketers is thinking that online user feedback and online reviews are one and the same. And we can’t exactly blame them. On the surface these two appear to be almost identical: both collect input (Voice of the Customer data) from online visitors and customers, both include user ratings or scores, both are used to build a loyal customer base, and so on. But the truth is, they serve two very different purposes. So what’s the difference between online user feedback and online reviews?
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