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  1. Before going out to get feedback it is important to determine what it is you’d like to know. Are you seeking information on your existing products and services and how these are being used? Do you want to review the problems, challenges and opportunities that your customers face? Are you planning new product development?
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  2. “Businesses need to listen to their customers. Feedback helps companies that are good grow faster than ever.”
    That’s the view of leading Silicon Valley expert Marty Cagan, who recently spoke with us about the role of online reviews in a world where business lifespans are shortening.
    By the end of this blog you’ll see what we’re working on to ensure you can collect feedback from your customers quickly, easily, and without any fuss.
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  3. Capturing customer feedback can drive business growth and lead to improved service, more efficient business processes, product innovation, better marketing and (most importantly) a happier, larger customer base. For customer-centric small businesses, being able to gather this feedback is an essential skill.
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  4. Learning about the goals and pains of your audience offers valuable insights that help you build stronger relationships, reduce churn and increase customer satisfaction.
    And that’s exactly what I’m here to help you do today.
    In this post, you’ll get seven actionable ways to ask for quality customer feedback so you can decrease churn, increase sales, and build stronger relationships.
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  5. Obviously, feedback comes in many forms, but today we’d like to focus on two ways that you can listen in to what your customers really think: online reviews and surveys.
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  6. Loyal customers are the most valuable resource a company can have. Not only do they provide repeat business that generates revenue and drives performance, but they can also help firms find new audiences, improve products and services and open up new opportunities. These advantages are often the result of careful analysis and the collection of feedback from customers.
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  7. Customer feedback data offers company leaders a wealth of pertinent information that can enhance the decision-making process. If your organization isn’t tapping into this fount of information, it’s missing out on a valuable source of data—informative data that comes inexpensively and often for free. Examining customer feedback is, therefore, extremely important to your company, and the following explains why.
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  8. Recently I was talking to someone who is relatively new to the field of usability and user experience. He has developed a web application and wanted some ideas for getting feedback from users. He commented that he was planning on sending out a survey to users to see what they think about the web application. That was his plan for user testing. I’m so entrenched in the concept of usability and user testing that I have to stop sometimes and remember that not everyone else is.
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  9. There’s a number of reasons why customers aren’t so keen on providing feedback these days. Online feedback forms take time to access, the process isn’t convenient and filling out a comment card is about as exciting as watching paint dry. So, how do you motivate customers to give you feedback? After all, feedback helps you improve your business, measure customer satisfaction and relate to your audience on a human level.
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  10. Customer feedback is just getting input from your existing customers as well as potential customers on how you can improve what’s good, how you can fix what’s bad, and what, overall, you need to change.
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