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  1. Before going out to get feedback it is important to determine what it is you’d like to know. Are you seeking information on your existing products and services and how these are being used? Do you want to review the problems, challenges and opportunities that your customers face? Are you planning new product development?
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  2. Getting customers to provide you with feedback is no easy task but when you get it right, you can collect a lot of great information all in one place. Using online surveys has become a powerful way to help in the process of getting feedback…but how can you ensure you’re asking the right questions and getting maximum exposure with your customers?
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  3. “Businesses need to listen to their customers. Feedback helps companies that are good grow faster than ever.”
    That’s the view of leading Silicon Valley expert Marty Cagan, who recently spoke with us about the role of online reviews in a world where business lifespans are shortening.
    By the end of this blog you’ll see what we’re working on to ensure you can collect feedback from your customers quickly, easily, and without any fuss.
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  4. Capturing customer feedback can drive business growth and lead to improved service, more efficient business processes, product innovation, better marketing and (most importantly) a happier, larger customer base. For customer-centric small businesses, being able to gather this feedback is an essential skill.
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  5. How do we achieve seamless digital customer experience that our customers are after? We must find ways to streamline our approach for delivering an exceptional digital CX and do so by leveraging the proper solutions and technologies. And pay attention to the trends…
    Here are the top 4 Digital Customer Experience trends for 2018, according to Mopinion.
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  6. We’ve all experienced that person who’s talking on his cell phone in public, in a voice that’s way too loud — on the train, in a restaurant, or walking down the street, screaming into the mobile, oblivious to the effect he's having on the crowd nearby.
    We rarely experience this with a land line phone. That’s because when we talk on a land line phone, “There’s a small percentage of our voice that’s fed back to us. It’s called "sidetone,” according to former Bell Labs scientist Dr. Steve Crandall. About 18 decibels of sound (the loudness of a whisper) comes back to us to give us an indication that our voice is being heard on the other side of the connection. When we have that feedback, we are less apt to make a spectacle of ourselves.
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  7. It’s no question that customer feedback is important for any company to gather, but how do you ensure customers feel compelled to give it? Simple — the payoff must be as good as the time they spend providing you with the input.
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  8. Instantaneous reactions are becoming the norm. Think tweets, likes, and the ever-expanding emoji screen. Certainly, customers expect us to reply as quickly as they can type on their smartphones. If they are sharing their thoughts on social media or in an email to you, these customers want an answer immediately. Sometimes sooner...
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  9. Learning about the goals and pains of your audience offers valuable insights that help you build stronger relationships, reduce churn and increase customer satisfaction.
    And that’s exactly what I’m here to help you do today.
    In this post, you’ll get seven actionable ways to ask for quality customer feedback so you can decrease churn, increase sales, and build stronger relationships.
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  10. The reality is site owners – especially of small businesses – are often too attached to the look and feel of their sites and thus lack the perspective to recognize faults, even when they're glaringly obvious. And when the user experience and design of a site aren't as good as they could be, sales suffer as a result.
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