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  1. Tie in your customer insights and make your projects a success. Mopinion has just launched a new integration with collaboration and work management software Asana. This new and improved integration – facilitated using Mopinion webhooks – allows users to push user feedback to their Asana boards and tasks without ever having to leave the Asana app!
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  2. Want to step up your game in managing projects and tasks? Think you and your team need to find a way to be more productive and efficient in completing tasks and projects? You’re not alone. And there is a way to make work more productive and projects more successful. Let me introduce you to task management software. Many enterprises, big or small, use task management software to collaborate better and achieve more, and so should you…
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  3. Customer experience (CX) is what sets you apart from the competition. While SEO plays a pivotal role in making the customer aware of your brand, SEM is crucial to delivering the right kind of message, at the right time to nudge your prospect to make that purchase. Though different strategies, SEO and SEM have to work in tandem for a fruitful customer experience. Here’s how to best tweak your customer experience strategy with SEO and SEM in mind.

    A happy customer is the ultimate goal of any marketing strategy. SEO and SEM are two sides of the same coin ― both aim at reaching a prospect and making an impact so he becomes a customer. Though strategically different, SEO and SEM specialists have to integrate their efforts to provide a seamless and fruitful CX.
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  4. It’s official: when it comes to customer relations, the days of relying solely on salespeople and evangelists to build trust with your customers are long gone. In my time as a senior executive at various companies, as well as a consulting partner with Accenture, I’ve witnessed a shift in how vendors engage with their buyers, and in turn, how buyers engage with their vendors.

    Research tells us that nowadays a buyer has completed up to 80% of the “buyer journey” before ever interacting with a salesperson. Companies that once relied on “wining and dining” potential customers are now finding themselves in a sales slump, and buyers who don’t make their voice heard to their vendors are consistently left disappointed by those vendors’ product releases and business strategies.
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  5. Ada Chen Rekhi is the founder and COO of Notejoy, a collaborative notes app that helps teams tackle projects outside the noise of email and Slack. Rekhi is leveraging years of experience in the collaboration space to build a business that is concentrated on giving its core customer base the ability to get their most important work done in a fast and focused workspace.
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  6. Admit it. Project Management (PM) is hard and those traditional methods we’re all too familiar with just aren’t cutting it anymore. Think about it: repeatedly updating spreadsheets, drowning in post-its and participating in weekly status update meetings doesn’t necessarily scream ‘efficiency’. This way of working only presents more complications as there is no real overview of the work being done. Thankfully, there is more than enough project management software out there that will help you face your ‘deadline demons’ and get your projects back on track.
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