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  1. What are people saying about your brand online when you're not listening? And how much customer feedback are you missing out on?These are key problems that one North East-based company is hoping to solve. “There's no business that isn't being talked about somewhere,” Steve Erdal, director of linguistics at wordnerds, explained to BusinessCloud.

    “You know there's information out there that's useful, but pinpointing it and getting it in an understandable state is difficult.” While the likes of Google and third-party apps are very good at finding specific words and phrases across the internet, they don’t offer interpretation. In contrast wordnerds, which began life during a hackathon for Nissan, is determining what people actually mean by applying text analytics.
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  2. When you're a high-level executive, it doesn't take much to lose track of what's going on at the lower levels of a business. In fact, it takes a special kind of executive to take lower level complaints seriously. It could be the key to a better business.

    We asked members of the Forbes Technology Council if it was important for executives to listen to customer complaints. Overwhelmingly the answer was yes it is important, but the answers given all pointed to different reasons. Here is some of what was said.
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  3. Here are six tips from Feedback Ferret on how to become a listening company - with feedback.
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