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  1. Here is some advice for entrepreneurs and even managers in corporate companies. Never assume you really know your potential customer. Ever. That will force you to do several things:
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  2. Customer experience (CX) professionals have it so easy today. In the past we relied on surveys as our primary source of customer insights. Now with so many options for connecting with customers, CX professionals have it made!

    But can so many options actually make it more difficult? How do you keep track of the options? How do you determine which are best for you? How do you pull everything together into one cohesive voice?

    On second thought, maybe today’s CX professionals have it harder than I thought.
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  3. The difference between a good business and a great one often comes down to the small details. Companies who show that they care about those details are generally more successful and more popular among their customers. Any prosperous business will tell you that part of the secret of getting to the top is to be good at both eliciting and listening to feedback.
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  4. Marketers need to understand their customers’ individual personalities and situations, as well as their online browsing preferences, in order to deliver them the right messaging at the right time.

    Data is helping advertisers and brands know their audience and gain insights into customer behaviour. But for companies to use data successfully they need to understand the consumer on an individual level in addition to knowing what they search for online.
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  5. The ability to collect massive amounts of data represented a huge leap forward in customer service and communication when customer relationship management first hit the market as a marketing, sales and data management tool.

    However, CRMs weren't a holy grail. Data management is one thing. Using data to understand what customers really need (not just what you think they do) and how to engage them is another thing entirely.

    CRMs were not built to be nimble. Times change, customer expectations change, and the technology needs to change with it.
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  6. To improve customer experiences, brands are increasingly turning to data to give them insights and direction. Some of the benefits include helping brands personalize the customer experience. This creates a more enjoyable and memorable moment for customers. In return, they can become repeat customers. Plus, they may tell others about their (hopefully) great experience. Also, a company can pinpoint what works and what needs improvement with the current CX strategy.
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  7. Sean Ellis always provides actionable tips which really require extra efforts to put into the practice. In this article, we are going to uncover some of the tips from the best-known growth hacking experts including Sean Ellis, Nir Eyal etc.
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  8. It can be hard to pinpoint your target market, especially if you don't know their specific attributes or buying habits. This three-step process can help you get smarter about customer targeting.

    Pinpointing your target market can be tricky. You may have a general sense of the customers you’d like to attract, but may not have given much thought to the specific attributes or buying habits they possess. Or, your business may have historically targeted broad swaths of the population in an effort to reach as many potential customers as possible, not realizing that isolating a specific type of customer and catering to their needs could actually win more loyalty, more passionate viral communication and better sales.

    If you’re considering a new approach and want to get smarter about customer targeting, I recommend following the three-step process below.
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  9. When you're a high-level executive, it doesn't take much to lose track of what's going on at the lower levels of a business. In fact, it takes a special kind of executive to take lower level complaints seriously. It could be the key to a better business.

    We asked members of the Forbes Technology Council if it was important for executives to listen to customer complaints. Overwhelmingly the answer was yes it is important, but the answers given all pointed to different reasons. Here is some of what was said.
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  10. According to 3Cinteractive, 64 percent of brands reported an increase in loyalty program membership over the last year. Loyalty programs are becoming more sophisticated, moving beyond the traditional spend-and-get model, to omnichannel and multichannel programs that recognize customers for every interaction they make with a brand. Smart marketers are capturing and leveraging loyalty data to understand their customers better and market effectively to them.

    We’re seeing significant advancements in loyalty as brands seek new ways to add value for customers. Here are the seven biggest trends impacting the loyalty landscape currently.
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