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  1. Customer Experience (CX) is quickly becoming the key brand differentiator for organisations. To be able to compete on CX, organisations must continuously be improving on it. And, to be able to improve the CX, companies must listen to and address customer needs.

    Voice of the Customer (VoC) has been defined as the process of capturing customers’ experiences and sentiments on products, services and the brand. A VoC programme is used to gauge how well an organisation is doing with its CX strategy. In fact, VoC enables organisations to deliver better experiences. Thus, organisations must have rich VoC programmes to optimise the CX.
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  2. I just came back from hosting the CXPA’s Insight Exchange and talking all things customers. Of course, I tended to hang out in the customer journey mapping sessions. While the practice is maturing, there’s still a lot of room for improvement.

    In the spirit of sharing best practices, we at Heart of the Customer put together our Top 10 Reasons that Journey Mapping Projects Fail, a la David Letterman.

    Without further ado, let’s proceed!
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  3. That’s not because we lie, although we do surprisingly often. According to a study, 60% of people tend to fib at least once within ten minutes of meeting someone new. 1 » But the truth gap between our words and feelings isn’t always deliberate. We’re just naturally bad at articulating what makes us happy.

    An increasing number of marketers are abandoning questionnaires and replacing them with more scientific techniques to probe what’s really on their customers’ minds. And when it comes to measuring a better customer experience, CX professionals should do the same.
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  4. Our expectations for good customer experience are changing. Or are they? All we have ever really expected is to be recognized, treated respectfully and served efficiently.

    In the past, delivering good experiences through our customer contact centers meant hiring and training empathetic, knowledgeable and accessible agents. Today the only way to maintain this human touch is through an intelligent combination of human and digital engagement that I call the “humanoid touch.”
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  5. As a customer, we’ve all experienced customer service calls that feel impossibly difficult. Maybe you couldn’t find a way to contact the company. Maybe they made you jump through hoops to get what you needed. High effort experiences are these interactions that make you work really hard to get answers. And they are one of the fastest ways a company can lose customers.

    The CEB broke down the important parts of designing a low effort experience into four pillars:
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  6. Artificial Intelligence is everywhere. From Google’s Arts & Culture App—which uses facial recognition technology to match selfies to thousands of artworks—to Pizza Hut’s plans for driverless pizza delivery.

    The application of Artificial Intelligence to improve the customer experience is on the rise. In fact, this year the Consumer Electronic Show featured its first ever Artificial Intelligence Marketplace to showcase the latest innovations designed to perform human tasks. Products ranged from big data analytics to speech recognition to advanced decision-making to predictive technology. Many of these solutions are already being leveraged by great companies to add a magic touch to their services.

    Are you taking advantage? If not, here are three ways you can apply Artificial Intelligence to improve your customer experience.
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  7. There’s a famous book called “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” that teaches people how focusing on the little things in life is a recipe for unhappiness.

    But for companies seeking to create the best customer experiences in their industry, sweating the small stuff and focusing on details can help them create a better customer experience.
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  8. Simpel is the largest, independent sim only provider in the Netherlands. Simpel has been active in the Dutch telecom market since 2007. Thanks in part to its very distinct commercials, Simpel has gained a strong position in the telecom market.
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