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  1. Mopinion is proud to announce the launch of its very own survey marketplace! It’s the perfect way to learn more about the ingredients needed to create and employ powerful online surveys. Choose from one of our eight survey template categories and access nearly thirty live template examples, a list of benefits for each survey, and advice on which questions to use.
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  2. As firm owners, we often believe that when clients are paying our bills, it must mean they are happy with our services. But there are better ways to get a sense of client satisfaction than reviewing our accounts receivable aging.

    What if we could eavesdrop on a conversation our client was having about us with another business owner? Are they recommending us? Maybe they’re actually complaining about us. While it’s never comfortable imagining what conversations are being said about us, pretending like those conversations are not happening is not a good option.

    So, here are seven ways to know what our clients really think about us:
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  3. It’s no secret that collecting and analyzing customer feedback can be highly valuable for improving your product or service. However, obtaining that feedback can often prove to be a tricky challenge for many businesses. This is because customers are motivated by their own goals and deadlines, so it’s not their responsibility to provide your company with feedback.

    Many customers can be reluctant to fill out surveys or participate in reviews because of the inconveniences these measures cause. Customers have busy schedules, and many won’t have time to waste on pointing out your product or service’s flaws. Others may be skeptical of the questions that you’re asking and don't feel comfortable with providing honest information.

    When asking for feedback, it’s important that you consider the best way to approach your customers. To help, in the next section we compiled an extensive list of ways that you can obtain customer feedback:
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  4. Predicting the future is tough, so we decided to talk those who are shaping it. Dave Fish, founder of CuriosityCX and Michigan State University visiting lecturer partnered with Brian Keehner of the Michigan State master of science in marketing research program to interview more than a dozen of the sharpest technology minds from global enterprise feedback management firms to get their take on the future.

    What are some of the big strategic bets the major players are making in the CX space? There was quite a bit of agreement, but also some noticeable divergence on the vision for the future. That spanned from data collection and ingestion, all the way to how to help clients take action. Here are the six key discussion points from our conversation.
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  5. The concept of ‘consumer experience’ has been such a hot topic of conversation for so long, you’d think that every brand is prioritizing customer-centricity and succeeding by delivering superior experiences.

    But you’d be wrong.

    In today’s shopping climate, retailers and brand leaders seem to understand that putting customers first is the only way to thrive — but they don’t always act like it. In a new research report, Consumer Experience in the Retail Renaissance, we surveyed more than 550 traditional retail, pure play, consumer goods, and branded manufacturing leaders about their approach to consumer experience.

    Our report found that most brand leaders pay lip service to consumer experience, but not due attention. Download the full report for more details and data.

    These findings may be a bit surprising given the near complete power shift from brands to consumers. A few proof points:
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