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  1. Rapid technological advances have created opportunities for smaller companies to serve customers around the world and effectively compete with larger companies for new customers. These smaller companies are rapidly going global, deploying a variety of technology-enabled solutions such as automated call centers, customer service bots, and digital marketing intelligence.

    But these advances, designed to facilitate customer interaction and service in new ways, can present a danger. Companies that embrace the various forms of new customer-focused technology risk losing a personal connection with their customers and a nuanced understanding of their needs. When it comes to understanding how your company can better serve customers, email surveys are no substitute for real human contact.
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  2. Quality feedback is about increasing brand rankings as well as the quality of products and services of a business house and having a distinctive edge over its competitors. In order to stimulate strong feedback companies needs to explore various options. It is important to know how a customer perceives the products and services of an organization so that the company can implement customer-centric culture.

    In order to get a clear picture of the mindset of a customer, you have to approach them directly and ask for their feedback. It will help you in getting valuable insights that can prove a blessing in improving your overall performances.
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  3. It’s no secret that collecting and analyzing customer feedback can be highly valuable for improving your product or service. However, obtaining that feedback can often prove to be a tricky challenge for many businesses. This is because customers are motivated by their own goals and deadlines, so it’s not their responsibility to provide your company with feedback.

    Many customers can be reluctant to fill out surveys or participate in reviews because of the inconveniences these measures cause. Customers have busy schedules, and many won’t have time to waste on pointing out your product or service’s flaws. Others may be skeptical of the questions that you’re asking and don't feel comfortable with providing honest information.

    When asking for feedback, it’s important that you consider the best way to approach your customers. To help, in the next section we compiled an extensive list of ways that you can obtain customer feedback:
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  4. Most small business owners know they need to have a website, but many don't take full advantage of all the digital opportunities available to them. This puts them at a disadvantage to larger rivals that boast a robust digital presence well beyond a website.
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  5. How do you ensure your e-commerce brand is able to stand out among its competitors and impress your customers? You focus on customer experience (CX) with great intensity. A full 76% of consumers see CX as a clear indicator of how much your company values them. Today, 89% of organizations are already competing on customer experience. No wonder as good CX also translates into profit. According to Forrester, improving CX can increase profitability at a rate of 5.1 times compared to those who do not.
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  6. Most brands hear from just one percent of their customers, according to a recent study. But there's a way they can hear from a staggering 91% of them. The one caveat?

    They have to be mobile-app-using customers. Apptentive just released its 2019 mobile customer engagement report, based on data from 1,400 apps. Those 1400 apps have engaged in half a billion customer conversations for Fortune 500 brands across two billion devices worldwide, the company says.

    Without brand effort, just one percent of customers reach out to give feedback. Apptentive calls them the "vocal minority," and divides them into the more engaged and less engaged: the ones you love you and the ones who hate you.
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  7. Increased income aside, there are other reasons why getting feedback from customers makes sense:

    Insightful feedback can help guide product and service development so you focus your resources on what your customers consider important.
    Getting customer feedback also helps you identify and eliminate problems. People who complain about your products and services aren’t an annoyance; they’re actually helping you do a better job.
    Ready to get started?

    In this guide, we’ll cover the best ways to collect customer feedback on your website.
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  8. If you think of the app of ride-sharing giant Uber as an example for how to collect customer feedback, think again. (For those who haven’t used it recently, here is how it works: After a ride, Uber asks you to give a star rating, and it displays buttons such as “professionalism,” “driving,” and “music” for customers to click on.)

    My colleague Faith Adams and I geek out on sharing examples of surveys with each other. And recently, Faith shared her Uber feedback experience with me. Uber has over-indexed on scale and convenience. That comes at the expense of a customer’s ability to share their individual feedback.

    To prove my point, I’ll first tell you what happened on the
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  9. The impact of employee experience on customer experience has been explored in great detail. In fact, “happy employees equal happy customers” has become a motto for some of the world’s biggest brands. But what about the inverse? Does making a customer happy make an employee happy?

    In research from 2012, professors from Hallym and California State University suggested it was a one-way relationship – that while higher employee engagement caused higher customer satisfaction, it wasn’t as strong the other way around.
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  10. Despite the emergence of exciting new tools like virtual reality and artificial intelligence, sometimes it’s important to go back to basics.

    Improving your retail strategy could be as simple as connecting more closely with consumers and using technology more efficiently.

    That’s the takeaway message from the inaugural State of Technology in Retail report, released on Tuesday morning by the product decision platform MakerSights.

    The survey found that for 43 percent of retail respondents, understanding customer preferences is still their biggest challenge when bringing new product to market, beating out inventory management and retail pricing. Forty-one percent also reported that acquiring and retaining customers was the most pressing challenge in retail as a whole.
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