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  1. Established in 2001 in the Netherlands, Translink operates as the connecting force behind the OV-chipkaart. One card used for accessing all sorts of public transportation, the OV-chipkaart is an easier and more secure way for people to travel. The OV-chipkaart also allows Dutch public transportation companies to make more efficient use of capacity, resources and staff.
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  2. While technical innovation has come on leaps and bounds since the early 19th century, these Luddite-inspired trends are still present in the form of the “neo-Luddite”.

    The rapid advancements in technology that we’re seeing in the digital era is bound to continue to grow.
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  3. It is not uncommon for small business owners to wear many different hats, and “web designer” tends to be one of the most common titles entrepreneurs are challenged to adopt. Technology plays such a large role in our lives today that any size business has to have a functioning website to remain relevant in their industry.
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  4. Building a learnable website is much tougher than it sounds. The goal should be a clear user experience that visitors can quickly pick up and understand.

    Mobile app designers can solve this through onboarding which helps users learn the interface. But websites can’t always offer lengthy tutorials.

    Let’s take a look at learnability and see how you can apply these techniques to your websites. Most visitors know how to browse the web so it’s not really about making interfaces that people learn, but rather just following conventions so they’re comfortable using your site.
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  5. About a year ago, I became digital director at (the nonprofit arm of Salesforce). I suddenly found myself in a committed long-term relationship with the website — and it was a real fixer-upper.

    As I learned from "Sex and the City," before making any major relationship decision, you have to discuss it with your friends over lunch. In this case, it was a friend who also works in marketing for a B2B tech company and also happened to have just finished a website redesign (I know, I need to branch out).

    I listened selectively and ended up ignoring half of his advice.
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