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  1. As technologies change, influencing every strata of life, one thing remains the same. Whether you’re running a sock business in a dimly-lit Hong Kong alleyway or late for your 9:30 on 12th Street, we all want the same success. Online websites being the most effective tool for sales ever since the invention of the printing press.

    Look, it is easy enough to run a website, but it is not so easy to run a profitable website. In this article, you’ll get an overview of some essential tools that’ll kick start your website and bring that success you’ve been chasing for so long.
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  2. Before you set your sites on slaying the competition with your amazing website redesign, you may want to consider a few things. Not every website is ready for a redesign. Neither is every business.

    Instead of diving in and having wireframes and graphic mock-ups (or hifis) done and spending hundreds or thousands of dollars, stop and take time to develop more awareness.

    Don’t launch a sinking ship…
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  3. Think about the last time you uploaded an image to your website. Chances are you downloaded it from a stock photography site, uploaded it to the backend of your site, and then inserted it to the page. This makes a shining example of image optimization, right? Not quite.

    You’ve added a giant bowling ball weight to your site that’s slowing down the page speed. And, search engines can’t read your images without alt text.
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  4. In 2017, bots flooded the Federal Communications Commission's online public comments system with millions of fake missives in support of ending Net Neutrality. Two years later, an experiment by a college senior found that simple Artificial Intelligence tools make it easier than ever to fool humans and computers alike, distorting what is supposed to be a critical avenue of public feedback into another tool of manipulation.
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  5. With over a billion websites in the world, are you doing what is required to separate your site from the pack? Online success is entirely possible, but it doesn’t happen overnight. In order to draw new and returning customers to your website, you must implement the proper functions and test those attributes to ensure their efficiency.

    As technology like eye tracking advances, you will have to do more to retain customers, but you don’t want to forget about the basics. Below, we cover the crucial components your site should have, as well as how to protect and test these features.
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  6. Web designing and its understanding, user experience should be acknowledged. Users will remember their visit to a website even if they do not remember the salient features and main points of that web. And this makes it an even more critical position than knowing about the website thoroughly.

    The layout, text, interactive elements, and graphics are the main points that not only provide the user with information. But it assists the visitor’s experience, and it serves to make it a memorable experience for the user and more likely to be shared on social media for further promotion. UX design is an active fragment of web work.
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  7. With rapid digitisation, businesses adopting technology for the first time, security threats and incidents are on the rise in the Indian market. And the government is currently in the process of updating the national cybersecurity policy. Having announced that the 2013 policy will be updated by 2020, the government is inviting suggestions from Indian citizens for the National Cybersecurity Strategy to cover all scopes and diversity of cybercrimes and cybersecurity areas of interest.
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  8. Right or wrong, the general public associates the term “cookie” with a perceived online privacy invasion. But cookies, along with other tracking technologies, provide the personalized user experiences that consumers crave.
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