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  1. We hear companies throwing around common phrases like, ‘Customer centricity is at the heart of our organisation’ and ‘We’re very much in tune with the needs of our customers’. Not surprisingly, seeing as how according to a study carried out by Bain and company, 80% of organisations they surveyed believed that they were providing a superior customer experience to their customers. Meanwhile, just 8% of their customers shared this opinion. Only eight percent! This is a huge disconnect and gap in perception, one that is commonly referred to as the customer experience gap.
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  2. One look at studies on the Internet would make it amply clear that the cost of acquiring a new customer is exponentially higher than the cost of retaining an existent one. So, when it comes to prioritizing, attracting prospects, converting and nurturing qualified sales leads, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) deserve the same spot on the priority list for customer satisfaction.
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  3. To experience something is to be alive, to feel and to remember. The CX community often forgets that. As soon as we add the word "customer" to experience, it suddenly loses its depth and becomes yet another marketing buzzword to add to our ever-expanding lists. But for customers, real experiences – whether physical or digital – are still just as emotive and memorable as ever.

    So why aren’t CX strategists, whether they’re marketers, technologists, service or support executives, adapting to this idea? The problem is quantification--or more accurately, uninspired quantification.
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  4. Having an online business is not everything unless you are improving your user’s experience when they visit your website. Whether it is redirecting them from a certain link or creating web pages that are easy to find, you’ll have an easy time creating emotional connections with users.

    But how do you create emotional connections with users? How do you help them aptly respond to issues and provide feedback? Through a digital customer experience management system. It is a program designed to help you understand how customers interact with your brand online.
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  5. It's not a question. Digital customer engagement and service is on the rise. Customers are of the hope that businesses will in day’s to come, implement digital channels to solve service issues and complete transactions. According to Zendesk, 70% of customers expect companies to have a self-service option in their websites and 50% expect to solve issues concerning products or services themselves.

    The key to keeping the human element in digital customer experience is legitimacy, and implementing a true people-centred core whereby all dealings are individual.

    In the past, companies have been looking for customer interactions in product planning and selling viewpoint, with little focus on who the customer was. Keeping the human element entails concentrating on long-lasting relationships and genuine partnerships with customers. Companies that focus proactively on creating lasting relationships that align with the customer’s goals have better results and outcomes.

    Here are a few ways to humanize the customer experience.
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  6. Get over using paper to collect your customers feedback , in this digital world why do you want to be left behind? Use mobile phones for taking customer feedback .There are numerous reasons why you should have already done this already, here are some of them:
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  7. Customer engagement has evolved to encompass much more than enticing shoppers into your store with flashy signs and gimmicks to encourage them to spend more. In an increasingly omnichannel and mobile retail world, the potential for customer engagement has expanded to channels outside the four walls of your brick-and-mortar store. Pointofsale customer at checkout customer engagement

    Digital channels like social media, your website and email marketing are ways you can connect with your customers even when they’re not right in front of you. In fact, 15 years ago consumers averaged just two touchpoints when buying an item. Today, the average is six. Although technology has helped increase the reach of your brand, it’s still up to you to deliver valuable content and a positive customer experience at every one of those touchpoints.
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  8. "Large corporations have dominated the market for a long time, but things are rapidly changing. Disruptive startups, of which there are many, are posing a threat to the seemingly unshakable market positions of these large established firms.

    By scaling agility across all business units and product groups, digital giants should design and build features much more quickly, get early customer feedback and enhance them in rapid iterations."
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