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  1. It has become all too common for B2B SaaS companies to survey their customers once a year through a moment-in-time customer relationship survey, with at least one section addressing the ultimate question of Net Promoter Score (NPS).

    Assuming the results are positive, the company then proudly presents their board with the survey results compared to industry benchmarks and proceeds with the board meeting. “Let’s move on to how many new customers you acquired” is likely the next agenda item.
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  2. The pace of change in the world of B2B is famously rapid, which makes the task of generating impactful strategies difficult: no sooner have you settled on and refined your plan of action going forward than you realize a competitor is achieving results with a technique or tactic you’d never even heard of, let alone mastered. The increasing sophistication of artificial intelligence makes this unavoidable to a degree, but the best thing you can do is cover all bases, frequently refresh your knowledge of the emerging technologies, and commit wholeheartedly to your own tailored, data-driven processes.
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  3. In B2B e-commerce you must focus on your online tactics and technology, bringing in new customers, and keeping the existing ones happy. You also have to maintain an optimal revenue mix of new and repeat customers, to boost business growth and achieve sales goals. We discuss five B2B e-commerce tips to boost sales and increase repeat customers.
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  4. Feelings matter. Science tells us that our emotions influence the decisions we make -- more so than rational thinking and objective data do. If you're a business leader, this might make you wonder how your customers' emotions affect your company's performance.

    It's a smart question. Gallup research demonstrates that emotions influence business outcomes more than leaders realize. In fact, behavioral economists have estimated that emotional factors comprise up to 70% of economic decision-making. Gallup senior scientist emeritus Daniel Kahneman discusses this phenomenon in his New York Times bestseller Thinking, Fast and Slow.
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  5. When B2B brands buy software, sometimes that’s where the relationship with the martech provider ends. But here’s how those brands can leverage martech customer success teams in order to reach their goals. The vendors know B2B and B2C companies face unique challenges and opportunities, and therefore, their sales and marketing strategies differ.
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  6. Getting to know more about an organization’s customers is the key pursuit of every marketing department. Marketers have consistently been coming up with innovative ways to collect customer data. The process usually starts with defining buyer personas and ends with customer satisfaction surveys.

    You need to start collecting data at every step of the way even before a casual visitor reading your latest article becomes your customer. This is especially crucial in a B2B marketing context.

    So, if you’re looking for slightly different ways to collect data in your pursuit of building a solid database, you will learn 5 smart ways to capture B2B customer data.
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  7. If B2B sales leaders want to generate organic growth, they must strive to know their customers' businesses as well as or better than their customers do. They need to bring outcome-driven ideas and analytics-based solutions to meet customers' challenges.

    This takes more than a periodic customer survey. It requires a sales approach that is steeped in advanced analytics.
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  8. Much of the conversation was focused on digital how-to’s, discussions on the direction that online marketing will be moving in the coming years and the ever present suspicion that computers will steal all of our jobs.
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