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  1. In this white paper, Mopinion talks about the criticality of offering a personalised journey to online customers, how customer profiles are driven by digital feedback, as well as how to collect, analyse and report on both feedback data and customer data (with lots of practical tips).
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  2. By 2020, customer experience (CX) will overtake price as a key product differentiator. While there are many ways to improve CX – ease of use, innovation and speed are just a few – personalization has recently been found to be the #1 priority for organizations looking to improve their customer experience.
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  3. AI can help make customer experiences more personalized, accurate, and effortless. Through audience segmentation, customer communication, and product recommendations, AI is able to enhance marketing strategies at scale in a way humans can’t by themselves.

    In a world where customers are looking for smooth experiences and information at their fingertips, AI-enabled tools can make the difference in marketing.
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  4. While customer service is often considered an expenditure to be reduced as much as possible using automated messaging and chatbots, Nathalie Couët of DashThis offers an insight into how personalized service can offer an incredibly positive return-on-investment for some brands.
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  5. For a fast-growing startup, that first customer experience with your product or service is crucial. It’s easy for teams to be focused entirely on the product itself and not invest in the right steps to build out good customer support practices. However, with customers expecting more and more from the companies they do business with, businesses of all sizes need to start putting their customers front and center. Not sure where to start? Here are four tips to make sure you get it right from the very start.
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  6. Customers have endless options when it comes to choosing new brands and services, which means their expectations are high. Immediacy, personalization, responsiveness, and product quality are a handful of the primary reasons customers will choose to be loyal to one brand over another.

    But one major component holds the key to earning and solidifying customer loyalty: correctly leveraging customer feedback.

    Here are six tactics to help strengthen your customer loyalty through feedback.
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  7. Fact: virtually everything your customers do on your website or mobile app produces data; data that not only can be leveraged to create marketing strategies and boost conversions but also increase your bottom line. All that is needed is an efficient way of both storing and employing the data. This is where Data Management Platforms (or DMPs) come in handy.
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  8. Admit it. We as consumers are a demanding bunch. We have high expectations of the brands around us – whether that’s simply knowing our preferences, tailoring our online journeys, individualizing communications, or providing quick and hassle-free customer support. Put simply, we want to be the apple of every business’ eye. If things don’t go our way, well….it won’t be long before we’re off looking for an alternative that will meet our expectations. This logic is precisely why personalization efforts are so critical to the success of businesses – especially in the digital era.

    Being able to provide these personalized experiences, however, has proven to be a real challenge among many digital marketers who are still in the process of adjusting to this growing trend. In fact, almost 60% of marketers claim that they struggle to personalize content (in real-time); an occurrence which is often attributed to the company’s inability to gain customer insights quickly enough and apply them. One way of removing this hurdle and gathering the necessary information for personalizing is by collecting customer feedback.

    Let’s take a closer look at how customer feedback data drives the three ‘breeds’ of personalization.
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  9. Gone are the days of a simple process with minimal touchpoints: flicking through brochures; speaking to a travel agent; deciding where to book.

    The rise of digital in the travel industry has seen a decline in the reliance on local travel agents and instead 83% are now booking their holidays online either themselves or via online travel agents.

    Consumers have a wealth of holiday information at their fingertips 24/7 and are often willing to devote considerable time and effort to investigating price and quality before making a decision. The result is complex: an overlapping web of touchpoints with huge variation across different people and their holiday preferences.
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  10. How many times, during a customer experience, have you been asked to “just take a quick survey”? Whether you receive a pop-up immediately after buying something online or get a phone call a few days after an interaction with a service representative, you'll likely agree that you rarely enjoy the experience.

    In fact, you probably ignore most survey requests unless you have something very positive or very negative to say.
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