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  1. Some people might say that the secret to a successful customer feedback survey campaign is quantity. If you send out enough surveys, you’re bound to get some responses eventually, right? Wrong.

    While this approach might have worked in the past, the modern customer isn’t eager to take time out of their busy day to take any survey. Today, to collect the best customer data you must ask the right questions while also providing the ideal customer experience.
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  2. Businesses begin and end with customers, so your pool of customer data should not be ignored. Technology makes it easier to do business, with startups able to establish a lean and effective business model thanks to the volume of handy and affordable tools at their fingertips. But as your business grows, employs staff, and establishes multiple departments, the number of technologies and level of functionality required increases in size and complexity. This can leave many startups staring down the barrel of customer data with little time or knowledge of what to do you with it.

    Here are some tips to help you make use of the data you’ve collected to level-up the insights you have into the people that matter most – your customers.
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  3. In this white paper, Mopinion talks about the criticality of offering a personalised journey to online customers, how customer profiles are driven by digital feedback, as well as how to collect, analyse and report on both feedback data and customer data (with lots of practical tips).
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  4. Consider the rise of customer success. Because 74 percent of consumers feel contacting customer service is a frustrating experience, few speak up until they’ve had a truly bad time. The trouble is, just one negative experience is all it takes to send more than half of consumers packing for a competitor.

    That’s why, instead of waiting for customers to call in, customer success managers monitor usage data like average session duration and login frequency. Although customers might hesitate to reach out about a page that won’t load, constant refreshing can signal that they’re struggling. Among U.S. adults, 87 percent want companies to proactively contact them before small issues turn into serious trouble.
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  5. Forget about Beyonce & Jay-Z, Kim & Kanye, or David & Victoria. There’s a new power couple in town. Mopinion is proud to announce the new and robust Tealium and Mopinion integration; a powerful alliance between tag management and customer feedback that combines precision targeting and smart data collection, giving users relevant and informative insights into the digital customer experience.
    Tealium offers an extensive suite of data solutions catered to helping digital teams effectively manage large sums of data. With Mopinion, users can collect and analyse customer feedback from online visitors on websites and mobile apps.
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  6. It’s easy to see a world in which the predictive capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) will direct who we have with children with, where we live and what our next job should be. All based on the algorithm’s ever-deepening knowledge of our habits, location, family circumstances and personality.

    In reality, few of us would want our lives ruled by a self-teaching algorithm. But for the majority of consumer businesses, AI (an umbrella term that includes natural language processing and machine learning) is a potentially transformative force, providing vital insights into what is happening and what is likely to happen. Advances in AI mean that what customers feel about a company or brand will drive significant change in business. These are fast-developing capabilities that no consumer-facing business can ignore if it wishes to maintain its competitive edge.
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  7. Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumers (B2C) companies adopt different methods to publicize their products or services in order to promote the brand and gain maximum profit from it. Companies try to put in an effort and come up with innovate ways to bring out the views of customers so as to gauge what is the market status of their product or service.

    Methods like customer surveys, product reviews on site or personalized review of customers on social media, targeting a specific group of audience to understand the trends, Qualitative research and more alike; are some of the ways to understand the market trends through customer reviews. Increasing online customer reviews create a state of dilemma in retailer’s mind about which reviews are correct and which are not. So by opting for third party market research surveys, do you seriously think you are building a high-end marketing strategy or just gathering information of customers which may or may not be useful?

    Well, to know the answer to this, answering several why, how, which and what is important. This will clear doubts of whether survey data collection is just a data collection instrument or a real marketing strategy.
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  8. Marketers need to understand their customers’ individual personalities and situations, as well as their online browsing preferences, in order to deliver them the right messaging at the right time.

    Data is helping advertisers and brands know their audience and gain insights into customer behaviour. But for companies to use data successfully they need to understand the consumer on an individual level in addition to knowing what they search for online.
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  9. Getting to know more about an organization’s customers is the key pursuit of every marketing department. Marketers have consistently been coming up with innovative ways to collect customer data. The process usually starts with defining buyer personas and ends with customer satisfaction surveys.

    You need to start collecting data at every step of the way even before a casual visitor reading your latest article becomes your customer. This is especially crucial in a B2B marketing context.

    So, if you’re looking for slightly different ways to collect data in your pursuit of building a solid database, you will learn 5 smart ways to capture B2B customer data.
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  10. If B2B sales leaders want to generate organic growth, they must strive to know their customers' businesses as well as or better than their customers do. They need to bring outcome-driven ideas and analytics-based solutions to meet customers' challenges.

    This takes more than a periodic customer survey. It requires a sales approach that is steeped in advanced analytics.
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