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  1. Chatbots are becoming an increasingly popular way for companies to interact with potential and current customers. A recent survey showed that 80% of consumers reported a positive experience with chatbots, and another 40% said that they are interested in chatbot experiences with brands. These numbers show just how prevalent chatbots have become, and consumers’ willingness to interact with a bot which simulates human conversation.

    So how can chatbots be used to increase marketing efficiency? Here are a few ways marketers can untilize chatbots within their marketing strategies.
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  2. AI can help make customer experiences more personalized, accurate, and effortless. Through audience segmentation, customer communication, and product recommendations, AI is able to enhance marketing strategies at scale in a way humans can’t by themselves.

    In a world where customers are looking for smooth experiences and information at their fingertips, AI-enabled tools can make the difference in marketing.
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  3. Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumers (B2C) companies adopt different methods to publicize their products or services in order to promote the brand and gain maximum profit from it. Companies try to put in an effort and come up with innovate ways to bring out the views of customers so as to gauge what is the market status of their product or service.

    Methods like customer surveys, product reviews on site or personalized review of customers on social media, targeting a specific group of audience to understand the trends, Qualitative research and more alike; are some of the ways to understand the market trends through customer reviews. Increasing online customer reviews create a state of dilemma in retailer’s mind about which reviews are correct and which are not. So by opting for third party market research surveys, do you seriously think you are building a high-end marketing strategy or just gathering information of customers which may or may not be useful?

    Well, to know the answer to this, answering several why, how, which and what is important. This will clear doubts of whether survey data collection is just a data collection instrument or a real marketing strategy.
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  4. Customers are the most important cog in your business. Without them, you don’t have a business. But, despite all the tools we have today to create emotion-rich experiences for buyers, many marketers still struggle to understand their customers and what they really want. This just doesn’t cut it any more, particularly when consumers are actively seeking out connections with the brands they purchase from rather than one-off buying frenzies.
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  5. Big data has opened the door for businesses to market their products and services much more effectively. In fact, according to a new survey of senior executives, 64% of respondents said that data-driven marketing strategies produce better and faster results and are the key to success.

    Targeting your prime audience and pinpointing your exact market allows for a more focused, cost-effective approach.
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  6. It may come as a surprise to many of you how much effort is put into developing mobile apps nowadays. And why all the effort? If designed well, your app can give you the upper hand in the battle for market share. Note: the key words here are ‘if designed well’. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with all mobile apps on the market. Sure, they get the job done, but many of these apps still lack key features their users crave and a strong user experience. Fortunately, there is a remedy for these poorly designed mobile apps that will help put them back on top: in-app feedback.
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