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  1. It’s no secret: we are living in the Age Of Social Media. Today, there are over 2.34 billion people on social media. That’s over a third of the entire global population!

    What is more, progressive countries such as the US are using social media at a much higher rate. Studies report that 83% of all Americans own at least one social media account.
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  2. In 2006, Facebook was still a place for college students to connect. People poked each other, but there had yet to be a sheep thrown. There were no ads quietly targeting its users, and the fake news farms and talk of manipulation of voters was a long way off.
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  3. Twitter has begun the global launch of its long-awaited Bookmarks feature, designed to make it easier to save tweets for later revisiting. The company acknowledged that it can be difficult to find and share tweets you've previously seen.
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  4. When a new entrepreneur pursues their dream of running their own business, one of the really important tasks is marketing strategies to get the company off the ground. One of the first techniques that entrepreneurs start with is digital marketing. Here are four digital marketing strategies to grow the new company via the internet...
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