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  1. It's likely no surprise to hear that online and social media management is no longer optional for a business. Consumers these days regularly turn to social media to get in touch with companies, including leaving reviews about their own experiences. While this is still somewhat new territory, navigating feedback from customers shouldn't be a difficult chore for franchisees. Social media and customer reviews have been viewed as a difficult area for businesses to handle in the past because the online environment is relatively anonymous. However, if you are able to properly manage reviews and social media as a franchisee, it can provide an opportunity for you to engage with consumers in a positive way.
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  2. Most small business owners know they need to have a website, but many don't take full advantage of all the digital opportunities available to them. This puts them at a disadvantage to larger rivals that boast a robust digital presence well beyond a website.
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  3. On one level, retail marketing is all about getting your brand message across to your customers through channels including online, print, brick-and-mortar store signs and social media. Aside from communicating your message, however, it’s also increasingly about the reverse: listening to your customers.

    Constant active listening through monitoring customer feedback and conversations will allow you to improve the performance of your business across the board. It also gives you insights into your business that you may have never noticed another way. Based on my experience, here are five takeaways on using customer feedback.
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  4. Getting to know more about an organization’s customers is the key pursuit of every marketing department. Marketers have consistently been coming up with innovative ways to collect customer data. The process usually starts with defining buyer personas and ends with customer satisfaction surveys.

    You need to start collecting data at every step of the way even before a casual visitor reading your latest article becomes your customer. This is especially crucial in a B2B marketing context.

    So, if you’re looking for slightly different ways to collect data in your pursuit of building a solid database, you will learn 5 smart ways to capture B2B customer data.
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  5. Looking for new and useful quotes on customer feedback for your next presentation or blog post? Customer feedback is taking center stage.

    Customers have more ways than ever of getting in touch with the businesses that serve them. From social media to email, from feedback software to voice of the customer programs, the amount of feedback businesses can get increases daily. But what’s the best advice for how to get, listen to, use and act upon that feedback? We scoured leading business books, interviews, blog posts and videos to bring you the most fascinating and useful quotes on customer feedback we could find.
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  6. Here are the 10 growth hacking tips around SEO, Content, Conversion optimization, Social media, video marketing and more, which can enable you to kick-start your growth machine.
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  7. When we think of contact centers, we can no longer think of them through our traditional lens of a call center. Technology and the age of digital transformation have caused major disruptions in the traditional call center world.

    Consumers are demanding to be met on their terms and via their preferred channels. The changing technology landscape has allowed consumers to take full advantage of how they choose to interact with businesses. With the onset of technology platforms from cloud communications to mobile phones, virtual agents, BOTS and social media, consumers are demanding a much more consistent, robust and rewarding experience from purchase through service.

    So, what does this mean for the insurance contact center world?
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  8. Facebook is in hot water with their users regarding the use of personal data. No matter where you are as a Facebook user—or not, as the case may be—we can all learn three crucial lessons from Facebook’s mistakes.

    To summarize, the Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal broke in March. Cambridge Analytica, a data firm that helped Trump win the 2016 election, had the personal data of around 87 million Facebook users. When compounded with allegations that Facebook allowed Russian propaganda and phony headlines to reach and ostensibly influence voters, this news invited scrutiny on how the social media site uses personal data.
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  9. It’s no secret: we are living in the Age Of Social Media. Today, there are over 2.34 billion people on social media. That’s over a third of the entire global population!

    What is more, progressive countries such as the US are using social media at a much higher rate. Studies report that 83% of all Americans own at least one social media account.
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  10. In 2006, Facebook was still a place for college students to connect. People poked each other, but there had yet to be a sheep thrown. There were no ads quietly targeting its users, and the fake news farms and talk of manipulation of voters was a long way off.
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