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  1. Mopinion has added a new feature to couple metadata, such as user info, app version (and more) with user feedback within your Mobile SDK! This new feature equips Mopinion users with deeper insights into how certain app users or customers (based on demographics, interests, location, etc.) experience their mobile app. With these insights, users can personalise and optimise the online customer journey for their customers, while simultaneously increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.
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  2. One of today biggest challenge's in business is effectively deepening connection with and identifying better ways to serve customers while also anticipating their needs. Missing such a mark can often mean losing market share that can be next to impossible to regain. However, getting the equation right can be transformative to a brand. Indeed noted management consulting firm McKinsey & Company noted in a recent insight piece that brands that can improve the customer journey see revenues increase as much as 10-to-15 percent while also lowering the cost to serve 15-to-20 percent. How? New trends leveraging technology are making such achievements possible. In fact, McKinsey says "customer care is actually on the cusp of a technology explosion that will greatly enhance frontline capabilities."
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  3. Here is some advice for entrepreneurs and even managers in corporate companies. Never assume you really know your potential customer. Ever. That will force you to do several things:
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  4. As customer experience grows as the key differentiator between businesses offering the same services or products, brands need to be listening to their customers.

    According to a study by Walker, by the year 2020, customer experience will be more important than even the price of a product. Meaning that customers won’t care that they have to pay more if they know they will receive exceptional treatment.
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  5. Are you getting the most out of your customer feedback? How can you ensure your feedback will transfer to solid actionable insights that make a difference to your business?

    Here, I share some common mistakes I’ve seen companies do when collating and analyzing feedback, in my role as CEO for Thematic, and beyond. Make sure you’re not committing these faux pas. Once you’ve got the deep insights that are also accurate, they can transform your business strategy.

    The biggest mistakes you don’t want to be doing:
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  6. When it comes to brand loyalty, customers punish companies that fail to live up to their promise, but reward companies that deliver the best experience. Increased effort – whether that means waiting on the phone for over an hour, explaining a problem to multiple agents, or failing to resolve an issue independently – frustrates customers and encourages them to find alternative options. The amount of effort customers exert as they interact with a company’s products and services is therefore a crucial driver of overall satisfaction and loyalty. In addition to being a strong predictor of loyalty, effort can also reveal pain points within a customer’s journey, even if overall sentiment towards the brand is positive. For companies looking to reduce customer churn and improve overall experience, measuring effort cannot be overlooked. In fact, a Gartner study suggests that customers are four times more likely to become disloyal to a brand after an effortful experience with customer service.
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  7. Analytics and data gives us all sorts of insights into what our customers want from our business. But sometimes… don’t you wish you could get an answer straight from your customers?

    That’s what customer feedback is all about.
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  8. In an age where there is abundance of data, brands need to apply different approaches to customer feedback analysis in order to understand the next steps necessary to foster their growth.

    There are a variety of metrics that can be evaluated from customer feedback such as brand reputation, product perception and customer satisfaction. Each metric can help brands understand how to meet customer expectations by making the right improvements to their product and learn crucial insights that can increase their market shares.
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  9. In Mopinion’s latest webinar ‘3 Practical feedback forms that drive online conversion’, webinar host Udesh Jadnanansing tackles the three critical stages of the online ordering process and provides tips on how to drive online sales using 3 powerful feedback forms. He also advises how to trigger these forms, which kinds of questions to ask and how these results can be analysed in a way that lets you easily generate leads, monitor online performance and gather insights to increase sales.
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