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  1. With rapid digitisation, businesses adopting technology for the first time, security threats and incidents are on the rise in the Indian market. And the government is currently in the process of updating the national cybersecurity policy. Having announced that the 2013 policy will be updated by 2020, the government is inviting suggestions from Indian citizens for the National Cybersecurity Strategy to cover all scopes and diversity of cybercrimes and cybersecurity areas of interest.
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  2. “Our company is trying to get away from Big Design Up Front. Why doesn’t UX get fast feedback and iterate?” the conference attendee asked. Considering a multi-step process, he asked why UX doesn’t design step 1, deliver that, design step 2, deliver that, etc.

    Imagine your company is setting up a new workflow for a customer to register and sign up for your system. The customer will need to complete a process where they create an account (or at least choose a password), select the level of service wanted, enter payment details, review the order, then complete it and get a confirmation message.
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  3. If you’re reading this it’s probably safe to say your business has decided to implement an online customer feedback programme. Excellent choice! The next step is to start setting things into motion (in other words, collecting feedback), which can be challenging without the proper guidance. If you already have goals set out for your business, you’re certainly on the right track. Now all you’re going to need is a strategy that encompasses those goals, which – in the case of feedback – can be as simple as using a feedback form template, or at least understanding how a feedback form should be designed…
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  4. "Large corporations have dominated the market for a long time, but things are rapidly changing. Disruptive startups, of which there are many, are posing a threat to the seemingly unshakable market positions of these large established firms.

    By scaling agility across all business units and product groups, digital giants should design and build features much more quickly, get early customer feedback and enhance them in rapid iterations."
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  5. Twitter has begun the global launch of its long-awaited Bookmarks feature, designed to make it easier to save tweets for later revisiting. The company acknowledged that it can be difficult to find and share tweets you've previously seen.
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  6. Rise Science came to IDEO with a challenge. The young startup had built a robust data platform for college and professional athletes to track their sleep and adjust their behavior so that they played at peak performance. But for the players, the experience was challenging. Rise expected athletes to look at data-driven charts and graphs to determine what decisions to make next, but players struggled to find those insights. Rise was convinced they just needed easier-to-read charts and graphs.
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