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  1. With more than 23,000 employees and 130+ stores across France, Leroy Merlin is the leading DIY retail brand in France – in the market of home improvement and gardening. The brand is not limited to an in-store offer. Leroy Merlin France also has a strong digital ecosystem with a fast growing website.
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  2. The ecommerce industry has experienced a tremendous amount of growth in the past decade. Having jumped from 3.5% of all retail sales in 2008 to nearly 11.9% in 2018, this growth – in combination with a (still) relatively low market share – represents a huge opportunity for more innovative ecommerce companies looking to overtake their traditional counterparts.

    However, in order to latch on to the ‘growth train’, these same ecommerce companies (and therefore, ecommerce managers) are going to have to put their best foot forward. In other words, they’ll need to be sure that they are providing a first-rate online customer experience. And the best way to do this is to start listening to the voice of the customer. After all, your customers can be your best resource in terms of understanding what you’re doing wrong (or right!) on your website or mobile app. So allow me to introduce you to online feedback…
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  3. Despite the emergence of exciting new tools like virtual reality and artificial intelligence, sometimes it’s important to go back to basics.

    Improving your retail strategy could be as simple as connecting more closely with consumers and using technology more efficiently.

    That’s the takeaway message from the inaugural State of Technology in Retail report, released on Tuesday morning by the product decision platform MakerSights.

    The survey found that for 43 percent of retail respondents, understanding customer preferences is still their biggest challenge when bringing new product to market, beating out inventory management and retail pricing. Forty-one percent also reported that acquiring and retaining customers was the most pressing challenge in retail as a whole.
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  4. Retailers always need to properly analyze customer feedback if they want to evolve their business to meet shopper needs. But when collecting that feedback, they better make it quick for the shopper. As many as 44% percent of shoppers have abandoned a customer feedback survey without completing it, with 57% of those citing length as the primary reason for doing so, according to a survey from Medallia.

    Beyond the length of the survey, these characteristics have caused consumers to abandon customer feedback surveys:
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  5. Businesses around the world are having to constantly shift and adapt to the changing tides of consumerism. This is no different for the retail industry, considering it could cease to exist without customer demand. As 2019 inches closer, the time to re-evaluate your various marketing and advertising strategies and campaigns in a way that will stand out in the over-saturated world of a Google search is now.

    Enter customer-driven marketing; a strategy that can transcend any campaign for any industry if done correctly. To instill a customer-driven marketing approach to your store, you’ll need to first ensure there is consistency for your customers in the form of processes, that you’re curating content specifically for your target market and customer-base, and that you’re gathering data through customer feedback.

    Together, you’ll be able to implement these tactics your various approaches on gaining new customers, maintaining the level of satisfaction for current customers, and winning over those who are still a bit unsure of the experience your store offers.
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  6. In this webinar, Mopinion is joined by special guests Stephan Brandenburg & Iris Rabenberg of major retail company, De Bijenkorf (part of Selfridges Group). These two share some interesting details on how they gather and get the most out of their online customer feedback data, from collection and the application of triggering techniques, to managing/structuring the data and their key findings.
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  7. Serving over six million visitors each week, Dutch retail HEMA is expanding rapidly. HEMA now has stores in nine different countries including the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Austria and soon in the United Arab Emirates. This tremendous growth certainly presents its challenges when it comes maintaining a smooth online customer experience – but it also represents an exciting digital undertaking for the Dutch company.
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  8. Would you like to gather real time feedback from your online visitors as they shop? Perhaps you are doing this already but struggle to manage the data and pick out the important trends? If so, tune in to our upcoming webinar where we will be joined by special guests Stephan Brandenburg & Iris Rabenberg of major retail company, De Bijenkorf (part of Selfridges Group). These two will share some interesting details of how they gather and get the most out of their online customer feedback data.
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  9. When it comes to the retail customer experience, creating and developing a seamless CX isn't just a focal point for the big brand names and national retailers. It's also a must for the smaller and mid-size retailer.

    Yet oftentimes the SMB retail operator doesn't have a tremendous budget or internal resources to take on the crucial CX effort and it can sometimes fall into the cracks within the day-to-day operations of running a small retail shop.

    But as one expert shares, that doesn't have to be the scenario as developing a rewarding retail customer experience doesn't necessarily equate to spending thousands, hiring on staff or contracting out for services.

    One of the best, and quickest, approaches is understanding that a customer experience does not end once the purchase transaction has ended, according to Pam Slim, author, consultant and small business expert.
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  10. It can be hard to pinpoint your target market, especially if you don't know their specific attributes or buying habits. This three-step process can help you get smarter about customer targeting.

    Pinpointing your target market can be tricky. You may have a general sense of the customers you’d like to attract, but may not have given much thought to the specific attributes or buying habits they possess. Or, your business may have historically targeted broad swaths of the population in an effort to reach as many potential customers as possible, not realizing that isolating a specific type of customer and catering to their needs could actually win more loyalty, more passionate viral communication and better sales.

    If you’re considering a new approach and want to get smarter about customer targeting, I recommend following the three-step process below.
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