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  1. Business owners should assess their website periodically. Don't wait until you hear negative feedback from customers. Here are four signs it's time to re-evaluate your website.

    Does your website need a health checkup?

    Just as we visit a doctor for an annual checkup, why not give your business website the same care?

    Website trends are always changing, and visitors have become accustomed to an experience standard that simply wasn't there a few years ago, and you can thank mobile for much of that.
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  2. Every business owner should know a few simple SEO tips that they can use to increase their search engine ranking. Often business people hire an (overpriced) consultant.

    Search engine optimization is important for any person those want to increase their ranking with the search engines. So it is very important for everyone to know a basic understanding of how SEO works and why.
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  3. Google News has forever changed how readers keep up with the world around them. Previous generations of newsreaders first had to pick up a publication and then sort through, page by page, to find the headlines that captured their attention (oh, the tedium!). Never again. Today's newsies only need to visit Google News to behold an aggregated page of multiple sources that are grouped by topic and displayed in order of the reader's personal interests.
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  4. What if I told you that instead of testing only two different versions of your website, you could test 94 million different versions? It may seem impossible, but that’s exactly what Intellimize can do.

    Using machine learning to update its algorithm on the fly, Intellimize wants to shake up the way marketers test and optimize websites. The niche is currently dominated by one-on-one A/B testing.
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  5. Website performance is an important but sometimes overlooked component of a website’s ability to attract and convert traffic. This makes sense especially at the age of e-commerce and online payments, through multiple channels such as mobile and web, where every second counts.
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  6. Major shopping days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday can become make-or-break moments for online retailers. This year, Black Friday shopping was dominated by online sales. Americans spent a record $5 billion online in 24 hours this Black Friday, an increase of 16.9% since last year, according to data from Adobe Digital Insights. On Cyber Monday, Americans spent a blockbuster $6.6 billion online. For e-retailers, this shopping frenzy can mean soaring profits or lost customers, depending on website performance.
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  7. Many people over the years have said that email marketing’s days are numbered and that it will soon become a dated, perhaps even obsolete technology. But actually, this assumption couldn’t be more wrong. Email marketing still remains one of the most effective marketing channels with the highest return on investment (ROI). Much like other marketing channels however, email campaigns do offer up their fair share of challenges. Surprisingly, many of these challenges revolve around a lack of understanding and engagement with the target audience. It seems that with many campaign emails, communications are only outbound, leaving marketers with no real insight into how their email was received by their readers. This lack of insight into the performance an email campaign is precisely why it’s important to start collecting email campaign feedback.

    In this article we will investigate why email campaign feedback is important for email marketers and provide you with some tips / advice on how to collect email campaign feedback.
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  8. Your website is your always-on digital marketing and salesperson. Research shows that about 60% of the sales process is over before a prospect connects with your sales team. Why? Because prospects are researching online. They want to self-direct their education process. This makes having a well-designed, educational website a must.
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  9. SEO has been in constant progression ever since the term was coined. It is not what it used to be 5 or 10 years ago. It has become A LOT more strict and you have to be on top of it to rank your website on Google properly.

    A few years ago, all you had to do was to write something and to post it on your website or blog. Nowadays, things are different. You have to follow all the SEO rules.

    But even if you do follow them, there are still some mistakes that you cannot allow yourself to make. Some crucial mistakes that you should avoid at all costs.
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  10. In this rapidly changing digital world, a company website functions as a calling card and is often the primary channel for customer relations. As a digital marketeer, you are constantly coming up with new ways to satisfy your online customers. After a few years, your website may no longer meet requirements and you will need to develop a new website. What role can feedback play in this respect?
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